Table-top Boards

Table-Top Backgammon Boards

If you don’t see a piece you like, here, please know that we can fully customize any piece just for you and your family.

Similar to our Legacy Board tables, our table-top boards are each one-of-a-kind and made with the same very particular eye to – of course – detail. Each board is created with an eye to the exceptional wood and the characteristics that we look hard to find, to the most exceptional leather, checkers, dice and other accessories we can find.

While we thoroughly enjoy creating tables, we forayed into doing table-top, more portable pieces. We found several things to be the case. The first is that we enjoy creating these table-top pieces every bit as much as we do our tables. In the creation of our table-tops, we use exactly the same materials: our wood is selected the same way, the leather is the same, checkers, dice, etc….all the same.



We love Box Elder! Kerri got stumped when preparing this piece for the leather playing surface and then had an epiphany. Ultimately choosing this beautiful combination of white, yellow and (avacado)green, this piece shines! It is amazing to us when the leather joins with the grains and textures of a piece of wood, like this one, how each accentuate the other. “Finishing” the edges, as Kerri did here, does a great job of showing off the wood’s characteristics and polishes the piece.

Dimensions: 28″L x 26″W AVAILABLE Price: $2,250

Copper Ridge

Copper Ridge

Inspired by the beautiful high-desert landscape, this warm, rich ambrosia maple slab is a stunner.

Marrying deep earthtones with rich rusts, mocha and coppers make this board a stunner.

Dimensions: 20” W x 30” L AVAILABLE Price: $2,250



This was a really fun project and a great surprise. Cookies, or the cross-section of a tree, are prone to splitting from the center outward. This piece had some radius splits already calling for some “intervention”. We hand made some cool bow ties and laid them in and their contrast is beautiful. The leathers came together stunningly and when completed, reminded us of a deck of cards, hence the name.

Dimensions: 28″W x 29″W AVAILABLE Price: $2,250



Striking rainbow poplar wood beautifully showcases the natural green grains and deep brown tones this

species is known for. Contrasting light and dark green leathers paired with cool, ice- like accessories

round off this striking board.

Dimensions: 23″W x 22″L AVAILABLE Price: $ 2,250

“Sea Glass”

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a piece we made for a customer seeking something sleek, different and elegant to suit his home’s look and feel. We did some things we hadn’t considered doing before and the results were stunning. Black walnut is a beautiful species and has been hard to come by. This piece was a standout and Sea Glass was an exciting result. SOLD



We were asked to make a piece for a friend’s home out west and one request was made aside from the cupholders, I want “Croc”. We found the perfect piece of wood, the ideal table legs and stunning leather and the piece virtually made itself from there. Ambush puts the players relatively close to one another, has provisions for a beverage and lots of competition. When we got photos we saw that the view is pretty awesome, too! SOLD



Chambord was a custom piece and was the first time we’d been directed on colors. The owner is a friend and an interior designer and that perspective is really fun to have in collaboration with our perpectives. Great team effort and great result. The box elder wound up being the ideal canvas and the leather colors, the checkers, dice and doubling cube came together beautifully! SOLD

“Blue Denim”

“Blue Denim”

What began as an unusual and, maybe, hard to work with piece of wood turned into an amazing table-top board. It was our first silver maple and, true to the maple species that we love to work with, this slab showed off brilliantly. We chose a very cool embossed playing surface which offers such depth and the points, the checkers, dice and doubling cube contributed to what is a stunning board. As you can see the cat that now owns the board thinks so too!

Dimension: 30″L x 17″W SOLD

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