About Us

I grew up playing backgammon. My older sister taught my Mother (a bridge player) the game, who then taught the rest of us to play. My four siblings and I continued the tradition teaching our 16 children.

Family reunions…they get competitive!

Legacy Boards began accidentally. On a rainy Saturday my boys and I decided to make a bigger board for us to play on. The success of that board inspired me to create a custom board for each of my four boys; my passion grew and the Legacy began.

Today, my wife, Kerri, and I spend as much time as we can seeking the most beautiful wood we can find, unique leathers, unusual and high-quality accessories and the ideal table legs and bases to compliment our backgammon tables and table-tops, that is if we’re not busy creating new ones.

Our shop is located in Marshall, North Carolina about 40 minutes outside of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I moved to Western North Carolina for its thriving art communities and the inspiration being surrounded by hundreds of local artists.

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