For the Yacht

Custom etching of your yacht

Recently, Legacy Boards Backgammon was tasked with creating a table-top board for a yacht owner/backgammon player. The result was stunning and we recognized the realm we had entered.

Yacht owners and charter owners are always seeking ways to offer entertainment for their families, guests and clients. Brilliantly meeting this demographic, backgammon is an ideal on-board game. Whether during vacation down-time, during cocktail hour or while the ship is underway to its next port-of-call, backgammon is a game that can engage everyone aboard.

Send us your boat’s profile and transom (or the file from which the boat’s name was created) and we can do the rest. Would you like a yacht club burgee and your yacht’s flag emblazoned on your backgammon board? We can do that.

Have you been a lucky guest on a yacht vacation? What could you possibly offer as a “Thank You”? How about giving your host and hostess their own custom board? Simply reach out to us and we’ll do the rest giving your hosts the enjoyment that comes with designing their own!

Perhaps it’s a simple personalization, a monogram. Send us the initials you wish to have monogrammed, we’ll send back proofs of the designs we can offer – using those initials – and we set out to create the perfect board or table.

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