My Mother taught me and my siblings to play backgammon as kids and we in turn taught our children. Family Reunions…it gets competitive! What amazes me is watching our children play with one another, well, and carry on a growing family tradition.
One rainy day as my 4 boys and I sat around playing on a board no larger than a paper-back book we decided we needed to make a larger board. So we did.
The first effort was valiant and not very good and it went home with my boy, JT. I still needed a larger board and certainly to improve on our first effort. Many boards later, including one for each of my children, my boards have improved significantly and my appreciation for the aesthetic of the board with it’s endless possibilities has grown.
The idea of combining the beautiful order and simple symmetry of a backgammon playing surface with the stunning mayhem of grain, textures and “live-edge” dis-symmetry of a tree was one I cannot shake. The compulsion to the juxtaposition of aromatic fine leather with knotty, bug tunnelled and spalted slab wood is overwhelming.
To this day, this centuries-old game evokes competition, thought, creativity, togetherness and family. While I hope and trust that my appreciation will carry on to my children, I also hope my efforts will allow you to enjoy the game with your family, enhanced by the beauty of a one-of-a-kind and spectacular natural canvas.