New/Available Pieces

This Poplar board is a really supple piece of wood with beautiful color, grain and checking (splitting). The board has a roughly square shape and very clean edges. It is stabilized with bowtie inserts on the underside. The playing surface is made using beautiful and very high-grade leather giving it a really nice aroma and feel. The legs are made from matte black steel, minimalist in shape to accentuate the beauty of the wood and leather and positions the playing surface 18″ high. Perfect ottoman and great in a family room/sitting area.

Price: $2,600 This piece is SOLD

Bowtie Board: This is a favorite of mine. From a magnificent Honey Locust slab with all the qualities one wants in a slab, spalting, grain, knotholes and “quarter-sawn” grain giving the piece stunning ribboning to its grain. The playing surface capitalized on beautiful top-grain leather complimenting the wood grain with stunning leather. Dimensions: Length:48″, Height: 17″, Width: 26″

Price: $5,875

River stones: This is a stunning piece. The slab was extraordinary and never stopped giving in terms of the grains, the spalting, the burl common in a maple and the knots which led to amazing opportunities. The leather virtually chose itself offering at the same time contrast and complimentary coloring and texturing. This piece is SOLD.

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