We love what we do. We keep inventory on-hand and are always eager to discuss custom work. If you have something special in mind, don’t hesitate to ask us (images follow their description)

Bourbon Street: Using an increasingly hard-to-get black walnut slab, we went with some really fun colors evoking Mardi Gras and almost having a harliquin feel. Anilin and semi-anilin leathers give a beautiful feel to the surface and a very pretty matte look. We used custom colored checkers and dice to compliment the leather. The star of the show is this stunning piece of wood. Its dimensions are subtle, almost delicate, and we went with a very unique leg that perfectly finishes the piece. 41″L X 19″W X 18.5H.

Price: $3,750 – Available for immediate delivery

Camino: Legacy Boards’ first table using a stunning hair-on playing surface. Camino is made using ambrosia maple, the perfect compliment with beautiful bark, deep grains, textures and colors that can only be gotten from maple. We used a beautiful base that provides both great architecture and great design and we were able to incorporate (one of my favorites) turquois colored checkers to partner with the leathers and the wood and to round-out a really fun piece.
Price: $4,750 Available for immediate delivery

Points Beyond: When we first saw this slab it reminded us of cartography, an old map. It was a stunning piece of wood and a very different piece for us.

Because Points Beyond is round, it required a slightly smaller playing surface. That meant different cuts, different measurements, different designs yet it’s a nicely sized table. It has very distinctive rings, very unusual spalting (the different colorations) it has pretty bark with moss still evident, significant checking that gives us the opportunity to get creative with epoxy resin and mica – giving the green that pearlescent glow and a bow-tie. We also did a different playing surface design . A mouthful, for sure, but a beautiful table:

Price: $3,875 Availble for immediate delivery

Simplicity: leverages the natural shape of this slab to create a geometric table. A seemingly simple slab offers a beautiful backdrop for very contemporary colors in the backgammon playing surface, further accentuated by the accessories. This feel is complimented by spartan shapes in the base and the height of the table lends to a smaller footprint for enjoying the game.

Price: SOLD $2,350

Woods Scape: combines stunningly rich tones with very subtle textures found in the wood’s live-edges, in its minute pores and in the grain radiating from the center. This piece is framed by a dramatic edge exhibiting both beautifully textured bark-on and the beautiful surface not normally visible, underneath the bark. The colors leverage the honey-toned wood and the reds visible in the bark.

Price: $SOLD

The deep colors of the playing surface evoke the bold hues and tones seen during a walk through the woods. Bold and lively, they bring a contrasting brightness to the piece against the softness of the honey tones.

Moons In The Mist: Magnolia slab, Epoxy resin, Black walnut Moon inlays, Iron table base, finished with matte urethane for a durable and complimentary finish.

Price: 5,950 Available 12/01/2020

This beautiful, very blonde slab had such unique characteristics that begged to be leveraged, thus the asymmetrical shape. Having a real desire to play with the inlays, the check (crack in the wood) was accentuated by beautiful and subtly flowing charcoal pattern that resembles a rising mist. Moons. A large knot that needed filling called for clear epoxy resin enabling the tree’s beauty and growth to be evident. Beautiful textures, beautiful colors, radiating ribboning, bark-on shows off the spectacular textures and colors. This piece won’t stop showing off. High-grade leather mimicking as many of the textures as possible emitting a wonderful aroma and a lifetime of enjoyment for the backgammon players in your family!

Windswept Spalted Oak, 56″w x 45″d X 18″h, semi-gloss finish, embossed leather, custom hand-forged iron legs, custom glass insert. A commissioned piece made for a family in the Midwest with one directive: “it needs to be pretty special”. Oak Hill Iron in Morganton, NC., had this “Lightening Strike(!)” slab, it’s magnitude and character never stop showing off.

Estimates put this tree’s timeline at 100+ years old, 15 years laying down after a lightening strike before being harvested. The character is unimaginable, the edge is unspeakable and appears delicate resembling a New England Coastline. In places it appears molten. The textures…the grains…the bark… What a wonderful project and incredible outcome.

Price: $7,150 SOLD!

Sonora: Ambrosia Maple, high grade Leather, finished with a matte urethane to accentuate the spectacular figuring of this slab, forged iron legs. This amazing ambrosia maple slab was the perfect candidate for a southwest presentation of a table. Incredible textures, grains, colors, bug holes, ribboning and spalting combined with rust and beige leathers to make a perfect home for the first-ever custom turquoise playing pieces.

This piece is an ideal compliment to a home in the Southwest, the Mountain and Plains states or any home seeking a southwest feel.

Price: $5,650. SOLD

Poplar Table

This Poplar board is a really supple piece of wood with beautiful color, grain and checking (splitting). The board has a roughly square shape and very clean edges. It is stabilized with bowtie inserts on the underside. The playing surface is made using beautiful and very high-grade leather giving it a really nice aroma and feel. The legs are made from matte black steel, minimalist in shape to accentuate the beauty of the wood and leather and positions the playing surface 18″ high. Perfect ottoman and great in a family room/sitting area.

Price: $2,600 This piece is SOLD

Bowtie Board: This is a favorite of mine. From a magnificent Honey Locust slab with all the qualities one wants in a slab, spalting, grain, knotholes and “quarter-sawn” grain giving the piece stunning ribboning to its grain. The playing surface capitalized on beautiful top-grain leather complimenting the wood grain with stunning leather. Dimensions: Length:48″, Height: 17″, Width: 26″

Price: $5,875 This piece is SOLD

River Stones: This piece was a custom table for a family that had generations of enjoyment with Backgammon. The slab presented some challenges that were overcome using epoxy resin. The rop-grain leather coordinated perfectly with the textures in the wood creating awesome contrast at the same time. The owner designed the table base offering a contemporary feel to this otherwise traditional piece.

Price $4,250 SOLD

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