About Us


Our Passion. Your Legacy in the making

Bill and Kerri Dwyer-Shea are a husband-and-wife team working together to create beautiful functional pieces of art, to be played on, enjoyed, admired and passed on for generations to come. We are inspired to know all who play on our Legacy Boards will find themselves immersed not only in the love of the game, but in the natural beauty and details of our unique handmade creations.

Bill Carving.jpg

Bill Shea: Founder, Creator, Visionary

Nearly a lifelong backgammon player, (and still a novice) my four siblings and I were taught to play at a young age by our mother. We continued the tradition by teaching our 16 children to play. (At our annual family reunion, you will always find at least one competitive game of backgammon being played in nearly every room)!

Legacy boards evolved initially out of necessity for a bigger more functional board to play on with my 4 growing boys. That board is still in use today! Its success inspired me to create them each a custom board of their own. I got more leather and was on my way. During those immersive projects I came up with processes and tools, some designed on notebook paper others adapted from tools used in other disciplines, to result in our current process. Self-teaching all the while.

Once each of my boys had a board of his own and my passion and desire to create growing, I had to find a new outlet. I began experimenting with live edge slabs, resulting in my first backgammon table, and then a 2nd and a 3rd. But what does one do with all these tables?

That’s when I began donating them to local charities for auction, and they were selling! I was giving back to the community and selfishly, it allowed me to keep making them, doing what I love.

I spent my career in sales and marketing and understand the complexity of marketing a product to be valued by multiple generations. This requires extraordinary elements carefully combined with top quality materials, pride and hands on craftsmanship.

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Kerri Dwyer Shea: Co-creator, energetic partner in life and crime

As a career specialty nurse and massage therapist, my passion has always leaned towards an integrative holistic approach to healing. Through hands on practices including Healing Touch, massage and the mind-body connection to promote well-being, the decision to team up with my life partner and join Legacy Boards Backgammon was an easy transition. The opportunity to challenge myself, gain knowledge and learn a new craft was more than appealing. Joining Legacy Boards Backgammon provided me with the opportunity to explore my creative side while maintaining my love for details, the merger came at the perfect time in my life.

Although we collaborate on most pieces, we maintain our individuality. I bring my softer side and offer a new perspective on many Legacy Boards projects. I love working with my senses and the natural elements. There is something magical about seeing the potential in an unrefined, raw piece of wood, in anticipating the layers of beauty that will reveal themselves to us as we work and refine each piece.

The result is the joy in seeing our initial vision transform into a beautifully functional piece of art and knowing that each piece will be played on and enjoyed by family and friends for decades to come.


We make tables and boards for highly discerning backgammon lovers and those who simply want to own unique and beautiful things. We work with Interior Designers in New York and Florida and are currently showcased at The Grovewood Gallery at the famed Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

Legacy Boards are proudly being introduced to some of the top Backgammon Professionals and Amateurs as the winners’ prize at major backgammon tournaments. With each piece we take pride in knowing we have created something beautiful and unique and special to its owner.

Our shop is located in Marshall, North Carolina about 40 minutes outside of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are inspired by its thriving art community and love being surrounded by so many talented local artists.