The Art Of Backgammon


Backgammon, a nearly 5,000 year old pasttime, has been enjoyed by paupers and Princes, scholars and idiots. Its a simple game that can be as easily played as checkers and as complex as chess.

My mother taught me to play and I still play. Along the way, my siblings and I played, I have played with many friends and my children and their cousins play, well. It is a significant part of our annual family reunion often keeping us all up late into the night. I value this game as a thought-provoking way to enjoy others.

Roughly 10 years ago, I made a backgammon board for my Boys and I to play on that was bigger than the paper-back sized board we had. It didn’t come out well so we started another. It came out pretty well and is still in play. I enjoyed that so much that I started making the backgammon tables that you see in these pages.

Backgammon is a timeless game that may come and go but has and will endure. When families play together community, strategy, competition and an intellectual challenge occurs. I enjoy coupling this board-game with the timelessness of a wild and self formed object, a tree, co-mingled with the elegance and symmetry of the playing surface portrayed through the beauty of fine leather.

Each table is one-of-a-kind and hand made to last for as many generations choose to enjoy it. It is my hope to have a part in your family’s enjoyment of this wonderful game. Some of the tables pictured are already sold but are shown here to spark thought for those considering owning one. Others are for sale, prices shown. Thank you for visiting Legacy Boards.

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