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Carefully Handcrafted for Unforgettable Game Nights

Legacy Boards Backgammon creates unique tabletop boards that will evoke “Where did you get that?” from family and friends. We use the finest materials available to ensure a stunning piece of art designed to be played. Legacy Boards’ table top boards will not only compliment your decor but will also give you a competitive edge, even as the game night host. Order a tabletop backgammon board from our inventory today or we can carefully create a custom piece designed around your home.

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Versatility and Beauty for Any Room

Our tabletop boards are designed to be versatile. Whether playing in your living room, on a boat, or at the beach house, our tabletop boards are the ideal choice. Smaller in scale but every bit as playable, unique and beautiful as our tables, these timeless boards enable you to enjoy a game of backgammon anywhere and in style. With our tabletop boards, you can bring the enjoyment and challenge of backgammon wherever you go.

Every Bit as Unique as Your Home

Every tabletop board from Legacy Boards Backgammon is hand-made using the finest materials we can find. It’s vital to its end result that we painstakingly select woods, leathers and accessories that dictate the beautiful outcome. Our dedication to creating a work of art in each piece helps make it a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for its one-of-a-kind home. With Legacy Boards Backgammon, your table top board will be enjoyed for years to come for its playability and its beauty.


Add to Your Family's Cherished Story

Each stunning Legacy Boards tabletop is designed to be played; to gather your loved ones. Whether you're introducing backgammon to family members or challenging friends to compete, our tabletop boards create the perfect setting for bonding and creating long-lasting memories. Enjoy the intellectual thrill of this age-old game or create an intimate, enjoyable evening of backgammon with a loved one. With Legacy Boards Backgammon, every game adds to the cherished stories.

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Legacy Boards Backgammon brings the timeless game of backgammon to your home with our exceptional tabletop boards. Hand-made using the finest materials and designed to be versatile, your Legacy Board is the perfect addition to any game night, no matter where. Create unforgettable memories with family and friends over a game of backgammon. The beauty and one-of-a-kind quality of our tabletop boards help forge memories that are uniquely yours adding to traditions an element that isn’t found anywhere else.

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