Making Every Move Count: The Advantages of Custom Backgammon Boards

Legacy Boards Backgammon offers an elevated and timeless spin on the timeless game. While standard boards serve their purpose, custom backgammon boards offer a unique and personalized gaming experience. Along with our expertise, craftsmanship, and lasting quality, have the confidence that you’ll be adding a stunning accent piece as unique as you.

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Personalized Aesthetics

Our luxury wood backgammon boards can be personalized to complement your style, allowing you to choose a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. Whether it’s a sleek modern design, a classic wood finish, or an intricate handmade design, our boards are a reflection of taste and personality.


Quality Craftsmanship

With a skilled team of artisans, we ensure durability and longevity. Your new custom luxury wood backgammon board makes a unique playing experience. Feel the difference in the smoothness of the dice rolls and overall satisfaction.


Tailored Features & Functionality

Unlike other standard backgammon boards, our boards can be tailored to specific features and functionalities. Including storage compartments, built-in scoring systems, or personalized engravings. These additional elements contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game. Custom backgammon boards become a seamless extension of the player’s preferences and needs.


Unique Gaming Experience

Each board had the opportunity to be one-of-a-kind creation, making every game feel special. Ranging from distinct design elements and tactical sensations, our custom designs transform each game into a luxury experience. Players can relish the exclusivity of their boards, adding a layer of enjoyment with each match.

Our unique backgammon sets are more than a playing surface — they are works of art, expressions of individuality, and gateways to a unique gaming experience, reminiscent of the elegance found in yacht club games. Start your custom backgammon journey today!

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