The Process

Ultimately requiring 80-100 hours of labor, each one of my boards becomes unique for the materials, the colors, the finish and for their flaws and the stories I experience in their creation. This is what compels me along with a desire to create one that is “perfect”.

The slabs I choose have to meet pretty specific requirements. Yet, one of the most exciting aspects of using this media is that ultimately, Mother Nature determines the outcome. I have several sources and have an endless variety with which to work. Choosing each slab is equal parts exciting and daunting.

The leather I use is sourced, primarily, from South America. I choose each pelt for it’s colors, textures its guage and its aroma. Having numerous sources enables both an endless supply and endless possibility.

In the early stage I will make each piece for sale. However, a process that really excites me is designing a finished product with its owner in mind. It excites me for each owner of my boards that he, she or they own something wholly unique and that cannot be replicated. Having input to this outcome is exciting.

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